NFT Physical Sneakers

Metaverse clothing and footwear is a popular trend. Brands follow trends. Therefore, a lot of NFT physical sneakers, hoodies, jackets and accessories have appeared.

In the mid-eighties, Phil Knight, the Nike head, signed a great basketball player, then a rookie from the Chicago Bulls, and produced cool basketball trainers a series. As Phil Knight himself later admitted, it was his best decisions ever one. That rookie was Michael Jordan, and the sneaker series was named Air Jordan. This event could be considered the starting point for the snickerhead culture birth.

A lot of time has passed since then, but the passion for rare trainers has not disappeared. In addition, as a rule, the more limited edition sneakers are, the more they are appreciated.  So what does the virtual universe have to offer unusual footwear a fan, a man who is spoilt by the different trainers’ abundance in real life? Fortunately, the digital fashion industry is not standing still and high quality trainers’ manufacturers are no exception.

We look at a few NFT shoes that have managed to stand out from the token rest and surprise the NFT community. These NFT sneakers can be used in the digital space as well as in real life. Block chain technology has created an amazing opportunity to move from the virtual world to the physical world without feeling restricted. Your favorite trainers can always be on you, whether you are walking in Central Park in real life or attending a virtual Snoop Dogg concert at The Sandbox.


RTFKT NFT Physical Sneakers

1. The undisputed leader in digital footwear, RTFKT studio, now part of Nike, has collaborated with young and talented artist FEWOCiOUS to present the ‘Fewo World Open Edition’ collection. The collection 608 virtual sneakers consisted, with each NFT being associated with a physical pair. This way, this non-exchangeable token each owner had the opportunity to receive sneakers a physical pair with the same design as its digital version. The collection sold out in six minutes and the total revenue generated was over a million dollars.


CULT & RAIN NFT Physical Sneakers

2. NFT sneakers collection “The Genesis Drop” from digital fashion brand CULT & RAIN, impossible to pass up. 3D graphics, 4K animation, state-of-the-art design, a collection of 2000 NFTs interlinked with physical sneakers 2000 pairs, different design variations and a multitude of colour options – this collection has certainly caught the entire NFT community attention. The premium physical trainers are made in Italy from the finest materials. This NFT every owner had the opportunity to exchange their sneakers digital pair for physical sneakers a pair.


SS4 SoleSavy NFT sneakers

3. Those who think the modern sneakers design looks too futuristic will surely appreciate the NFT collection ‘SS4’ by SoleSavy. The sneakers collection, which has a rather classic silhouette, 1,023 NFTs consists, each of which can be exchanged for trainers a physical pair free. The physical sneakers are designed for a casual lifestyle and have luminescent inserts on the sole. SoleSavy is not just the NFT sneaker makers, but a platform that connects sneaker connoisseurs by helping them buy and keep sneakers without overpaying a third party.


NTR1-META NFT physical sneakers

The case where your sneakers will attract attention both in real life and in metaverses such as Decentraland and The Sandbox. The “NTR1-META” collection comes a collaboration courtesy between digital fashion brand Another-1 and NFT digital creator platform Swappable. These collectible sneakers  are 5,555 NFT a limited edition on the Polygon block chain and come in over 20 colour ways. Italian designer Lucio Vanotti was involved in the design and this is the physical first Italian collection (physical & digital) handmade sneakers in the world. In order to redeem sneaker  owners a physical pair need to burn their NFT.

Dogpound, Balmain


5. And finally, NFT physical sneakers from luxury fashion brand BALMAIN. A limited-edition collection of two NFTs is born thanks to a collaboration with the sports fashion brand DOGPOUND and the technology platform ALTAVA Group. The physical sneakers calfskin and nylon made look very futuristic, now it is not only possible to train in style in the physical world, but also in the virtual one.

Sneakers are not just comfortable shoes; they are a style that can reflect your inner self. That is why this kind of shoe has such fans a large number around the world. In addition, the time has come when you can buy sneakers a cool pair not only for your great collection or for later resale in real life, but also in the digital world. There is not much difference between digital and traditional collecting. Owning rare, unusual sneakers in the virtual world is life a logical extension in the physical world.

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