How to make money on NFT games

August 3, 2022

We all know about computer and mobile games. A popular game mechanic is that a gamer upgrades his or her character and improves his or her gameplay skills through the additional items or skills purchase. Nevertheless, both the character and any additional skills paid for remain the game developers property.

Blockchain technology has greatly changed the entire gaming industry and, of course, it has had an impact on the gamer’s user experience. Both the game world immersive experience and the opportunities to make money in games have changed. Now an NFT owner (this can be both a character and an item from the game) is given it exclusive ownership.

There are a few basic ways to make money on NFT games:

1. In-game token mining

Many popular NFT games fall into the Play-to-Earn category, whose economy is powered by in-game currency. This in-game currency, like various cryptocurrencies, can be traded on an exchange. Thus, participating in battles with other players or completing various quests you can earn currency and pump your character further. You can also exchange your earned in-game currency for any other cryptocurrency or convert it into more traditional real money.

Many popular NFT games fall into the Play-to-Earn category, whose economy is powered by in-game currency.

2.  Reselling in-game NFT assets

Important in-game objects are characters, minerals, land, real estate, various types of weapons, skins for characters-all of these and more are NFT, which means that the player who owns such NFT has ownership rights. Because of their uniqueness and limited quantity, such in-game objects or items are in high demand on NFT marketplaces, allowing those who invest wisely to earn from them.

Many NFT items are worth tens or even dollars thousands hundreds. For example, the most expensive in-game land plots in the Decentraland and Axie Infinity metavers were bought for over $1,000,000. Thus, analyzing the game prospects, in-game items value and the demand for them can make excellent money in the NFT market.

3. Renting out NFT in-game assets

In-game items and objects that were discussed earlier can not only be sold, but also rented out. This way you can generate passive income on a regular basis. You cannot only rent out individual items, but also entire accounts.

In the popular AxieInfinity universe, for example, players who have rented an account with characters, earning internal currency, share the land profit part with the landlord. Another lucrative area is renting out plots of.

Other players extract minerals from these land plots and give away their profits part. Corporations also rent out in-game land. They build various structures on this land for promotional purposes. This is quite common in Decentraland and The Sandbox.

NFTgames make money

4. NFT Steaking

Another option to get extra income from NFTs in games. The non-exchangeable tokens owner pledges their asset and receives a reward based on the annual percentage yield and the number of tokens in the steaking, while not losing the NFT ownership.

The principle behind NFT stacking is the same as cryptocurrency stacking, bitcoin (BTC) for example. Not all tokens can be sent to stacking, it depends on the project conditions. A gaming meta-universe that offers great opportunities to earn money from NFT-MOBOX. It combines the DeFi and NFT profitability.

The earning above ways earning all in NFT games are good with projects proper analysis and competent risk assessment. It is important to remember that games are primarily designed for entertainment, and earning within the game is only a nice bonus.

How to make money on NFT games
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