NFT Collectors

This article will not list the NFT Collectors because it makes no sense! Please note that percentages provided in this article are rough. They are based on the experience of our team and people we communicated with. We basically wanted to show an approximate percentage of different types of collectors for a better understanding of the NFT market.

Beginners and Sharks.

90% of NFT collectors are Speculators.

90% of NFT collectors are Speculators. Most NFT buyers now are speculators. Their goal is to buy cheap and resell at a higher rate. Speculators are beneficial because they create large volumes that are regularly reported in the media. They can be divided in two categories: Beginners and Sharks.

Sharks thoroughly study the NFT market and invest their money only in reliable projects.

Beginners don’t know how to analyze the market so they buy NFTs using other people’s recommendations. Another category of speculators are Sharks. Their major goal is to resell the NFT. They live off this money. Sharks thoroughly study the NFT market and invest their money only in reliable projects.

If they find something worthwhile, they squeeze the most they can out of the project. Sharks also use many accounts. If there is a way to purchase more than 1 NFT per person, they will take advantage of it. If there is a limit of 5 NFT – they will buy all 5! We can assume that there is an unspoken confrontation among Sharks and Collectors.

NFT Collectors list

7% are Pseudo collectors

Pseudo NFT collectors

7% are Pseudo collectors. These people sell one thing and hold the other. For instance, a Pseudo collector had purchased the NFT for 1 ETH. The sale is over and he sees that these NFTs are sold for 2-3 ETH on the secondary market.

A Pseudo collector is usually a good analyst. He understands that these NFTs will keep growing in price and in a year he will earn much more than if he sells them right now. This way, he becomes a forced holder, a Collector for a certain period of time.

Real NFT Collectors

3% are Collectors

3% are Collectors. They buy NFTs and put them far away. Collectors don’t care about the market, prices, and so on. Their purchases are usually from $ 10,000 and above. They are investors who benefit from other sources. Every major Collector usually has at least one CryptoPunk.

All these three types of collectors are essential for the market, and the secondary NFT market intensely moves forward the entire industry. Our team believes that soon there will be even more connoisseurs of beautiful things and the percentage of Collectors will grow at least by a few points.
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